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1000 Hours Challenge

Neighbors, Family, and Friends,

Join me in my efforts to spend time in nature and appreciate the beauty of San Diego. Recently, I discovered the 1000 Hours Outside™ project, and wanted to bring their mission to my own community in UC and beyond. This project aims is as simple as it sounds - challenge yourself to spend 1000 hours outside! From there the rules are up to you; Take your time or set a deadline, and come here to track your progress. Fill out the number of hours you spent, and give a small idea of what activity you did. Whether it is as simple as walking instead of driving to your local coffee shop or as planned out as a camping trip, I am excited to see all we can achieve! I will be hosting outdoor events around the county starting this summer - beach clean ups, kickball games, etc. Follow me on Instagram @valerieupham and sign up for my newsletter at this link for outdoor activity ideas and updates on my own progress! We are in this together!

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